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Medical device

A medical device for non-invasive monitoring of intracardiac pressure to help reduce re-hospitalizations due to heart failure and can lower mortality rates.

Project Task

Device Design and Development:
Determine the optimal sensor placement and integration with the patient’s body.

Data Collection and Analysis:
Analyze the collected data to identify patterns and correlations between intracardiac pressure and heart failure episodes.

Algorithm Development in real-time:
Incorporate machine learning techniques to predict heart failure episodes based on pressure trends and other relevant patient data.

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VR Headset

Design and development of a stand-alone (wireless) virtual reality headset (based on PICO Neo 3), but had a small form factor.

Project Task

The device must be able to fully function in standalone/wireless mode, which can serve as a limiting factor.

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Portable hand tool

Portable battery nailer. Designed for driving fasteners without the use of physical force. The reliable cordless model is capable of effectively driving flush nails into hardwood.

Project Task

Develop a lightweight and ergonomic nailer design that is easy to handle and maneuver.
Determine the optimal power source and battery capacity for efficient and long-lasting operation.
Incorporate safety features to prevent accidental firing and ensure user protection.


Kitchen equipment

Hand blender-juicer for better blending, stainless steel whisk for whipping, 12 speed settings and turbo, measuring cup for easy blending of small amounts of food.

Project Task

Develop an ergonomic and user-friendly hand blender-juicer design.
Determine the appropriate motor power and blade design for efficient blending of various ingredients, including tougher foods and ice.
Test and optimize the blending performance to achieve smooth and consistent results.
Develop a turbo function for quick bursts of high-speed blending when necessary.
Design and include a measuring cup attachment that can be attached to the hand blender for easy blending of small amounts of food.
Design additional accessories like a chopper attachment or a blending jar for increased versatility.


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Our development process for electronics follows a systematic and comprehensive approach to ensure the successful creation of innovative and high-quality electronic products. With a focus on efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction, we outline the key stages involved in our development process
Based on the requirements, we conduct a feasibility study and develop initial concept designs. This stage involves exploring various technical solutions, evaluating design alternatives, and assessing the feasibility of implementing the desired features within the given constraints.
Prototyping allows us to validate the functionality, assess performance, and identify any potential design improvements or optimizations. Rigorous testing and evaluation are conducted to ensure the product meets the desired specifications and standards.
We iteratively improve the product's features, ergonomics, aesthetics, and manufacturability. Our team incorporates necessary changes to enhance the overall user experience and address any identified shortcomings.
Our engineers and designers work together to finalize the electronic circuitry, PCB layout, mechanical components, firmware/software development, and system integration. We pay close attention to factors such as power management, signal integrity, thermal considerations, and compliance with industry standards.
We ensure seamless transfer of design files, coordinate component sourcing, and oversee quality control throughout the manufacturing stage. Our team closely monitors the production process to ensure adherence to specifications and timely delivery.
We provide user manuals, documentation, and necessary training materials to facilitate a smooth user experience. Additionally, we offer post-launch support, addressing any issues, and providing ongoing maintenance and updates as required.

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